How Do You Make Black Fondant Shiny?

What can I use if I don’t have a fondant smoother?

Fondant smoothers are plastic tools that help when covering cakes in fondant but you can achieve a smooth finish without them.

Use leftover fondant dough shaped into a ball, dip your hands in cornstarch or use a piece of thick foam to smooth out the fondant on the cake..

How do you clean black fondant?

Use a spare piece of pliable fondant and flatten one side against the table top. Then use this to gently wipe around the sides of the cake and it will absorb any powder left on the surface. Also cornflour is easier to use and get rid of than icing sugar.

How do you make glycerin shiny with fondant?

A touch of glycerine in royal icing adds shine and prevents your icing setting hard and dry. This makes it far easier to apply to cakes, and guarantees a nice smooth cut when slicing. Add 1 tsp of glycerine for every 500g of icing sugar for a softer set and 2 tsp per 500g for a nice glossy finish.

Why is my fondant so shiny?

The first stage of fondant melting starts with it getting soft and sticky, then it builds a shine (you notice your fondant gets really shiny, almost like someone sprayed a layer of oil on it) and sometimes this can happen just from you over-handling your fondant.