Question: What Is A Consequence?

What does consequence mean?


Something or someone of consequence is important or valuable.

If something or someone is of no consequence, or of little consequence, they are not important or valuable.

[formal] As an overseer, he suddenly found himself a person of consequence..

Is a consequence good or bad?

In ABA speak, consequence means something different! A consequence is any change (good or bad) in the environment following a behavior that makes the behavior more or less likely to happen.

What is another word for bad consequences?

What is another word for bad effect?negative effectadverse effectundesirable effectunfavorable effectunfortunate effectaftermathnegative outcomeramificationunfortunate consequencedanger10 more rows

What are the consequences of behavior?

Consequences are the positive or negative results of behavior. Experiencing the consequences of their behavior should allow your children the opportunity to think about what they did and how they can make amends.

consequenceresult, upshot, outcome, out-turn, sequel, effect, reaction, repercussion, reverberations, ramification, end, end result, conclusion, termination, culmination, denouement, corollary, concomitant, aftermath, fruit, fruits, product, produce, by-product.sequelae.informal pay-off.dated issue.archaic success.

What is the difference between impact and consequence?

What is consequence? While impact mostly describes how an incident would impact you internally, consequence describes the effects your company’s misfortune would have on others who are dependent on your company or affects a community.

What is the opposite word of consequences?

consequence. Antonyms: cause, causation, antecedence, premise, origin, datum, postulate, axiom, unimportance, insignificance, inconsequence, inconsecutiveness, irrelevance, meanness, paltriness. Synonyms: effect, issue, result, inference, coherence, deduction, conclusion, outcome, importance, note, moment, dignity.

What are synonyms for punish?


How do you use consequence?

“Your lies have resulted in serious consequences.” “His gambling addiction has led to bad consequences.” “The traffic was the main consequence of moving to a big city.” “His actions had a direct consequence on everyone.”

What is the Predict meaning of consequence?

noun. the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier: The accident was the consequence of reckless driving. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome. the conclusion reached by a line of reasoning; inference.

What is a positive consequence?

A positive consequence, often referred to as reinforcement, is a means by which teachers can increase the probability that a behavior will occur in the future. A negative consequence is a means by which the teacher can decrease the probability that a behavior will occur in the future.

What is cause and consequence?

The concepts of cause and consequence address who or what influenced events to occur and what the repercussions of those events were. Students will understand that: i events have a variety of different and often unappreciated causes. i causes can be immediate or underlying. i consequences can be immediate or long-term.

What are the advantages of consequences?

Consistent, predictable expectations and consequences help children feel safe. Children who feel safe tend to be less oppositional and misbehave less. Establishing clear boundaries and rules with kindness and logic helps children learn the benefits of positive behavior. Discuss consequences.

What is an example of a consequence?

A consequence comes after, or as a result of something you do, for example, “He was given a traffic ticket as a consequence of running the red light.” A consequence is a “result” or “conclusion,” and the Latin sequī, “to follow,” is part of its history.

What does first in consequence mean?

phrase. If one thing happens and then another thing happens in consequence or as a consequence, the second thing happens as a result of the first.

What does Fakir mean?

Fakir, Arabic Faqīr (“poor”), originally, a mendicant dervish. In mystical usage, the word fakir refers to man’s spiritual need for God, who alone is self-sufficient. Although of Muslim origin, the term has come to be applied in India to Hindus as well, largely replacing gosvāmin, sadhu, bhikku, and other designations.

What are the effect of bad Behaviour?

Negative behavior has its effects on the society, this includes the following: Value disorientation. Inefficiency. High crime rate.