Question: What Is The Closest Country To The UK?

Which UK city is closest to London?

Major cities near London, United Kingdom29 miles to Camberley, United Kingdom.38 miles to Reading, United Kingdom.46 miles to Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.69 miles to Southampton, United Kingdom.88 miles to Coventry, United Kingdom.90 miles to Leicester, United Kingdom.102 miles to Birmingham, United Kingdom.More items….

Which countries are closest to the UK?

The United Kingdom shares maritime borders with Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the Faroe Islands (Denmark). With an area of 242,900 km², the United Kingdom is about half the size of Spain, or slightly larger than half the size of the U.S. state of California.

Which country is closer to London?

LondonClosest Foreign CitiesKMLe Havre, France225Bruges, Belgium235Lille, France243Rouen, France2461 more row

Is England a country?

England is a country. Britain is an area that consists of England and the country of Wales. Great Britain is the name of the island that is home to the countries of England, Wales, and Scotland. … The Republic of Ireland is a separate country that is not part of the UK.

What city is close to UK?

LondonThe closest major cities to London, England, United Kingdom based on population are listed below in order of increasing distance….List of Suburbs and Cities near London, England, United Kingdom.Major Cities Close to LondonSouthampton113.8 km / 70.7 milesLeicester143.4 km / 89.1 milesBirmingham163.9 km / 101.8 milesBristol173.3 km / 107.7 miles21 more rows

What is the capital of England?


Is Australia part of the UK?

Australia has never been part of the United Kingdom. It was part of the British Empire, but became basically independent in 1931 (the final constitutional ties were cut in 1986). It is part of the Commonwealth, but that’s a voluntary club. … Australia has never been part of the United Kingdom.

What separates Scotland from England?

The border between Scotland and England stretches for 108 miles (174 kilometres) between the Solway Firth along the Cheviot Hills and the river Tweed, to the North Sea. Hadrian’s Wall, built by the Romans, ran further south than this, from Carlisle on the river Eden to the river Tyne in the east.

What country is the closest to England?

The closest countries to England in United Kingdom are listed below in order of increasing distance….List of Countries Near England in United Kingdom.Countries Close to EnglandWales214.1 km / 133 milesIreland526.1 km / 326.9 milesLuxembourg541.6 km / 336.5 milesScotland544.4 km / 338.3 miles21 more rows

Is America closer to Australia than the UK?

Geographically Australia is virtually the same distance from both the UK and USA at around 8500 miles – give or take a bit. Culturally and historically closer to the UK – although the ever pervasive USA influence is as strong there as in most places.

What countries can you visit from London?

Here are my top 10 destinations for long weekends or short breaks from the UK by train.Barcelona and Figueres. Head south from London on the 3pm Eurostar to Paris. … Venice and Verona. … Dublin. … Berlin and Colditz. … Prague. … Rome. … Brussels and Amsterdam. … Munich and Salzburg.More items…•

Which city is furthest from London?

Furthest Cities (Population 100k+)CityDistance, kmDunedin, New Zealand19,081Christchurch, New Zealand18,968Wellington, New Zealand18,804Lower Hutt, New Zealand18,7991 more row