Quick Answer: How Can I Preserve My Child’S School Work?

How do I store my child’s school work?

Bins or Totes Probably the fastest and easiest method for organizing and storing children’s school work is simply to place it by grade level into separate bins, boxes, or envelopes..

How do you preserve children’s art work?

1. Use an Art App like KeepySave your kids’ memories and remove the clutter.There are a few things I really like about the app:Store your favorite pieces in a bound portfolio.Here’s what I love about Mixbook:Save favorite artworks in an air-tight bin.

Where can I store my kids artwork?

Digital storage sites like Keepy, Artsonia and Shutterfly allow parents — and teachers! — to upload photos and videos of artwork that can be shared with family without taking up physical space in your home.

How do I organize my kids school papers?

The Best System for Organizing and Storing School PapersTools Needed to Organize School Papers. … Label 3 Hanging Files for Each Child. … Put the Files in Your Portable Filing Bin. … Choose a Location for the Organizer. … Sort Your Stacks of Paperwork. … How to Review Your Paperwork and Take Action. … Organizing Keepsake Papers.More items…