What Does Emitted Mean?

What does being emitted mean?

transitive verb.

1a : to throw or give off or out emit light/heat.

b : to send out : eject.

2a : to issue with authority especially : to put (something, such as money) into circulation.

b obsolete : publish..

What does antipathy mean?

1 : a strong feeling of dislike an antipathy to taxes a deep antipathy between the groups. 2 : something disliked : an object of aversion …

What does transmit mean?

1 : to transfer, pass, or spread from one person or place to another transmit information transmit a disease. 2 : to pass on by or as if by inheritance Parents transmit traits to their offspring.

What is emphatic sentence?

A sentence is made emphatic by adding an exclamation point, and the word carries with it the important and urgent feeling of that punctuation mark. If a baseball team defeats another by 10 runs, the victory is emphatic because like strong speech, the victory is clear and forceful.

What does vexing mean?

causing or likely to cause: causing or likely to cause vexation : vexatious a vexing problem.

What is another word for emitted?

In this page you can discover 92 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for emit, like: give out, discharge, give off, let out, let off, vomit, project, cast out, eject, release and spit.

What does emitted mean in chemistry?

Emission is the process of elements releasing different photons of color as their atoms return to their lower energy levels. Atoms emit light when they are heated or excited at high energy levels.

What is a sentence for Emit?

Emit sentence examples. Bright meteors often emit the bluish-white light suggestive of burning magnesium. In the not too distant future, tiny robots will detect pests on produce and emit a signal to shoo them away. All poets and heroes, like Memnon, are the children of Aurora, and emit their music at sunrise.

What means radiate?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to proceed in a direct line from or toward a center. 2 : to send out rays : shine brightly.

What does the word geocentric mean?

1a : relating to, measured from, or as if observed from the earth’s center — compare topocentric. b : having or relating to the earth as center — compare heliocentric. 2 : taking or based on the earth as the center of perspective and valuation.

What does diction mean?

Diction refers to the linguistic choices a writer makes to effectively convey an idea, a point of view, or tell a story. In literature, the words used by an author can help establish a distinct voice and style. Our Most Popular.

What is another word for fraction?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fraction, like: part, aliquot, fragmentary, piece, section, portion, division, decimal, fractional, fragmental and improper.